The new Macbook Pro

The new Macbook Pro is here. You can read about it everywhere, but MacRumors is a good starting point.

I’m kinda puzzled by this upgrade. I don’t care about the TouchBar (probably just a way to avoid a touchscreen), but I feel like Apple is not innovating anymore.

I also didn’t like the complete removal of “standard” ports, while preserving the good old 3.5mm audio jack.

Apple looks so confused I’m starting to think that my next computer will be an hackintosh.


I’m trying, Opera

I was browsing twitter and the new Opera browser version caught my attention. 86% faster, they claim.

I was an Opera user many years ago and I worked with Opera embedded around 2008/2010 in an IPTV company.

I decided to give it a spin after so many years. It’s really fast! I made it my default browser for a while and I’m pretty happy with the look & feel. It’s fresh air after so many years of Chrome.

I’ll keep you updated!


WordCamp Milano 2016

Just came back home from the Milano WordCamp. It was my first WordCamp since ages.

I love how big the community is now and I love the love people is sharing in these events. I had some nice chats with new & old friends, while watching some very good talks from the speakers.

The contributor day was probably the best part of the camp. I had the chance to speak to passionate developers and to find a way to contribute to the WordPress project. It’s time to give back.

I would like more “hardcore” topics next time, but hey, you can’t have anything. 🙂

A huge “thank you” to the staff & sponsors.

See you next time!

This is not a blog

Is this a blog? Probably not. It’s just a way to wrap up my thoughts in an easy “you don’t need to install anything on your Digital Ocean VPN and you don’t really want to put your stuff on” way.

I’ll try to write whatever comes to my mind, with a particular focus on programming.

Don’t expect regular updates.

Good night!