Books from Codemotion Milan 2016

Codemotion this year was a pleasant experience. I’ve met a lot of people and attended some nice talks.

I took home a lot of pins and a list of books… Some of them are real classics, some were kinda new to me.

Here’s a little part of the list, if you are interested!

And many others! I have a lot to read (and re-read).


Do you really believe in drones?

I don’t really believe we will see something delivered by a drone before 5/10 years from now.

Sure, drones can be used for deliveries between warehouses or delivery centers, but don’t expect a drone to knock at your door anytime soon.

Having tried some drones myself I can’t think of a drone knocking at my window precisely enough to not damage itself or my property (or at worse, myself).

There are some experiments, tests, startup making moneys on this funny idea, but I see a lot of problems in it:

  • Security (of the drone). A professional drone is not the safest thing you want around your house. You don’t really want a 10 kg thing with carbon rotors spinning at thousands of RPM above your kids
  • Security (of the delivery). How safe is an Amazon package with a drone? Not that much. It can fall, people can track and steal it. You don’t want your pizza stolen.
  • What about costs? Let’s say I’m a pizza chain that want to deliver it by drones. I need a drone fleet and a place to put them (drone “airport”?), maintenance, recharge, pre-flight checks, etc… Is it cheaper than a delivery boy? I’ll tell you a secret: NO.

So, if you think of it you’ll just have a good laugh when you read something like this article. Yes, the first pizza was delivered, but it’s nothin more than a marketing gimmick.

RSS feeds are back

Looks like RSS are coming backThis article is on top of hacker news right now:

Well if there’s something I wasn’t expecting to find tonight, it was that apparently YouTube has decided to allow users to follow channels via RSS again, and unlike the last few years, this time it actually looks to be officially supported

While some people offer a service to “move” from newsletters to RSS feeds.

Welcome to 2006, folks!