How to get rid of old programming books

Old programming books… Our house is filled with them.

In “Kindle’s times” now maybe you have an electronic copy of those books (an many other) on your fav. ebook reader / tablet.

What can you do with those old programming books? Well, if you don’t have any particular reason to keep them and make them cover in dust, you can sell them on eBay or on a classifieds website (but you won’t get more than a few bucks for them) or donate them to the local public library.

Every library accept donations, just be aware that:

  • Books must be in good conditions and complete of their CDs /DVDs (if present when you bought them)
  • Library staff can refuse donations if they have too many copies of a single title (this happened to me in Italy, don’t know if it’s the same in the US) or if the title it’s not “useful” for them
  • You can also donate CD, DVDs and audiobooks

You’ll end up with lot of free space on your bookshelves and maybe you’ll help someone who’s searching for that book you’re not opening since 2005


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