Ask yourself a question about Facebook

As you probably know I’ve made some experiments about Facebook in the past. Since then, I’ve completely removed myself from Facebook.

I just keep my profile “shut down” in order to access to some pages and logins I have on other websites. I feel better, I don’t visit it anymore, I don’t share something on my personal Facebook profile since a while.

Today I would ask you to ask yourself a question about Facebook.

Will you stay in the same room together with your mum, your grandma, your weird uncle from Nebraska and that strange kid from high school for more than 5 minutes?

Probably not.

So why you keep staying on Facebook with all of them, all the time, sharing with them “everything” about your life? This is totally nonsense.


2 thoughts on “Ask yourself a question about Facebook

  1. ah ah I’m not on the same room with you. I’m totally relaxed on my couch, eating chips, scrolling list of links. Why this should be considered “being in the same room”?

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