Books from Codemotion Milan 2016

Codemotion this year was a pleasant experience. I’ve met a lot of people and attended some nice talks.

I took home a lot of pins and a list of books… Some of them are real classics, some were kinda new to me.

Here’s a little part of the list, if you are interested!

And many others! I have a lot to read (and re-read).


WordCamp Milano 2016

Just came back home from the Milano WordCamp. It was my first WordCamp since ages.

I love how big the community is now and I love the love people is sharing in these events. I had some nice chats with new & old friends, while watching some very good talks from the speakers.

The contributor day was probably the best part of the camp. I had the chance to speak to passionate developers and to find a way to contribute to the WordPress project. It’s time to give back.

I would like more “hardcore” topics next time, but hey, you can’t have anything. 🙂

A huge “thank you” to the staff & sponsors.

See you next time!