This is the kind of automation I like…

Heckel’s bot farm is not a complex operation. He uses the Raspberry Pi to run a script that checks his and his clients’ accounts every few seconds. When the script sees a new post, it logs into each of the 2,900 accounts it controls and uses them to like it. The script can automate up to three likes per second. It pulls the bots’ usernames and passwords from a spreadsheet Heckel bought access to on Telegram’s Black Market group for approximately $1,600 last year. For Heckel, the bot and Fuelgram come together masterfully. In April alone, he’s used them to make $12,000.

People are turning their accounts into bots on Instagram.


The new MacBook Pro – Part Two

I’ve written an article about the new MacBook Pro a while ago.

It’s a couple of months since I changed my 2014 MacBook Pro with a new MacBook Pro. Here’s what I like and what I dislike.

What I like:

  • The new keyboard. The touch&feel is just “right”
  • The screen. Amazing, as usual.
  • The USB-C thing (more on this, later)

What I don’t like:

  • The touchbar. I never really use it. Because I don’t need it.
  • The USB-C adapter I have to carry on every time I travel.

More on the USB-C. That’s the future, for sure. But as usual Apple, predates everyone else by forcing people to “migrate”, everyone else is still not ready. I have to carry with me many cables in order to be “retro-compatible”.

That’s for sure an issue that will be solved in the future.


Do you really believe in drones?

I don’t really believe we will see something delivered by a drone before 5/10 years from now.

Sure, drones can be used for deliveries between warehouses or delivery centers, but don’t expect a drone to knock at your door anytime soon.

Having tried some drones myself I can’t think of a drone knocking at my window precisely enough to not damage itself or my property (or at worse, myself).

There are some experiments, tests, startup making moneys on this funny idea, but I see a lot of problems in it:

  • Security (of the drone). A professional drone is not the safest thing you want around your house. You don’t really want a 10 kg thing with carbon rotors spinning at thousands of RPM above your kids
  • Security (of the delivery). How safe is an Amazon package with a drone? Not that much. It can fall, people can track and steal it. You don’t want your pizza stolen.
  • What about costs? Let’s say I’m a pizza chain that want to deliver it by drones. I need a drone fleet and a place to put them (drone “airport”?), maintenance, recharge, pre-flight checks, etc… Is it cheaper than a delivery boy? I’ll tell you a secret: NO.

So, if you think of it you’ll just have a good laugh when you read something like this article. Yes, the first pizza was delivered, but it’s nothin more than a marketing gimmick.

The new Macbook Pro

The new Macbook Pro is here. You can read about it everywhere, but MacRumors is a good starting point.

I’m kinda puzzled by this upgrade. I don’t care about the TouchBar (probably just a way to avoid a touchscreen), but I feel like Apple is not innovating anymore.

I also didn’t like the complete removal of “standard” ports, while preserving the good old 3.5mm audio jack.

Apple looks so confused I’m starting to think that my next computer will be an hackintosh.